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When one door closes another will open, but it can be a long hallway.
Our team can help make it easier

Who You Hire Matters, Especially in Divorce Real Estate

Divorce is as much an emotional and painful process as it is a legal one.

With the end of a marriage comes the end of the dream and the life that was built around it. 


There is life after divorce, and it can be marvelous. You'll begin to heal and start building your new life.


In the middle comes mediation, negotiations, and stress. One of the biggest sources of stress can be the house. Your family home becomes a house, an asset, with emotional weight and financial equity attached.


An experienced, neutral agent can come into a hectic situation, listen for the right clues, and chart a path to a resolution. We’ve seen houses stuck in limbo for years, used as pawns in a chess game headed to stalemate. The ability to get things moving again is the prime skill of a top divorce agent.


Why Neutrality Matters

There are two sides to every story— unfortunately many divorces have enough stories to fill a library. A neutral agent, trained in how to navigate the rough waters of divorce, is able to create a path to a sold house, with maximum equity to fund your new life.

In a traditional real estate sale, the sellers come to the agent as a unified team, with a united objective. In a divorce setting, the sellers often do not trust each other, may not be allowed to be in the same room, and could be looking for ways to sabotage each other.

Divorce-trained agents remain neutral to each seller, listen, strategize, and focus on their job—selling the house.


Lawyers & Agents

Lawyers are trained to advocate for their clients, within the bounds of their ethics.

Divorce trained agents know how to stay in their lane.

Certified Divorce Real Estate Experts specialize in coordinating with their clients, the court, and lawyers on both sides, finding points of leverage that allow them to move transactions forward.

Focusing on their role and staying neutral, divorce agents are able to stay calm, keep perspective, and steer the process toward where it needs to go.


Consultants vs. Therapists

Divorce-trained agents are consultants. They bring focus and a special expertise to a complex situation. They aren’t therapists, there to make the divorcing parties feel better. It is not because of a lack of empathy— it’s practical. Once an agent becomes a shoulder to cry on, they lose credibility with the other side.

Agents are focused experts, not friends.


Friends and Family

In most transactions, it’s natural to choose a friend or family member, or other close member of your inner-circle, to be your agent. They have built-in trust. Unfortunately, that trust can be a liability in a divorce setting. The trust is rarely equal, and neutrality is nearly impossible.

When you’re choosing an agent to work with, focus on expertise.

Would you want to be the first patient a heart surgeon practices on, having an under-experienced divorce agent can add stress to an already fiery situation. Remember, this is you money at stake.

You need someone who can stand strong, not someone who will be swept away by the chaos of a divorce.


Your one stop solution shop.


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Mediators, Family Law Attorneys, Accountants


Home Sale Consultation

The process of selling your home is likely going to be emotionally challenging, from the sorting of the personal belongings to the finalization of the sale at the closing table. By surrounding yourself with professionals who are empathetic and helpful, this process can be easier. Other than an attorney, your greatest resources are real estate professionals that understand the intricacies of divorce property sales.

Garage Sale Items

Estate Sales

We partner with other skilled professionals and vendors to provide you a total solution.

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