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Find an agent who will stay neutral throughout the sale

For many couples, their house is the most valuable asset they have. 

Selling during a divorce is very different than a traditional real estate sale.  Most agents do not know to ask if there is a court order, restraining order, or unlike a typical listing, understand that both sides MUST agree to and sign the listing contract. 

The significance of the house in a divorce

The house is the #1 source of funds to:

  • Pay for the divorce itself​

  • Pay off debt

  • Re-establish housing for each party

Challenges of the house in divorce:

  1. The house is often in the crossfire of emotions

  2. The litigation process can interfere with the sale of the house.

  3. The financial hit can impact credit to obtain new housing

  4. Real estate professionals are often unskilled in divorce transactions

  5. Real estate professionals can have a conflict of interest (i.e., they represent the buyer and seller)

  6. They sell divorce listings to investors

My job is to ensure that divorcing homeowners are represented by a neutral Realtor® who will work to get them as much money as we possibly can.


Are you looking for a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert outside of Wisconsin?  I can refer you to a CDRE™ in your state.

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