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Oh, the Places AI'll go!

Prepping a ChatGPT seminar for realty pros, sought quirky ideas & penned a Chris Muellenbach bio Dr. Seuss-style - a whimsical show!

In a town called Milwaukee, not too far away, Lives a Realtor named Chris, who works night and day. With patience and care, and a heart that's quite big, He helps clients buy homes, both tiny and gig.

Seventeen years in the biz, quite an impressive feat, With referrals and repeat clients, his record's so neat. Athletes, celebrities, an American Idol winner too, but helping everyday folks is what he loves to do.

Skills and experience, oh, he has them a-plenty, A perspective that's unique, an attitude friendly. Marketing and research, his knowledge so vast, He's creative and smart, getting deals done real fast.

A CDRE, in divorce real estate he's well-versed, Navigating tough cases, even when things are cursed.

An Air Force veteran and a university grad, Born an entrepreneur, this chap's truly rad.

In 2018, Best Agent in Milwaukee they voted, The Shepard Express agreed, so his win was well-noted. With his team, he's an expert in homes and condos too, In metro Milwaukee, there's nothing they can't do.

A board member he is, in Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation, North Shore Rotary Club and Veteran Chamber, his dedication. Twin daughters he has, with his wife Katie, they smile, biking the countryside together, mile after mile.

So here's Chris Muellenbach, with a Seussian twist, A trusted Realtor and ally, you get the gist. A helping hand in real estate, just give him a call, He'll make your home buying and selling journey a ball!

Care to join us for ChatGPT in Real Estate?

It's happening on Thursday, April 13th, from 12 pm - 1 pm.

Drop me a line at to secure your spot—attendance is free!

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